Image Submissions

Digital Images

Surrey Photography Club Submissions: Bring your images on a flash drive to our meeting night. To insure that your digital images conform to standard please follow theses directions:

  • Set your working space to the sRGB standard. In Photoshop, go to the Edit/colour setting.
  • Be sure your monitor is calibrated. We will not make colour corrections or other adjustments to the submitted digital files.
  • In Photoshop, go to Image/image  size. Size your image to a maximum of 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels.
  • Check constrain proportions and leave the re-sample box unchecked.
  • For a horizontal image, set the pixel dimensions height only to 1400. The height will adjust automatically.
  • For a vertical or square image, set the pixel dimensions height only to 1050. The width will adjust automatically. Click OK. Do not change the resolution.
  • Now you can sharpen your image suitable for digital projection. Do not over-sharpen. Do not save jpg files during editing as image quality will be lost.
  • Save as a jpg file once and only after all the changes have been made. Do not put any copyright information or any text on the image.
  • NO Watermarks.

Please limit your submissions to 3 images per evening.

Print Guidelines

  • All on acid free white mat boards.
  • Maximum outside dimensions of mat : 16×20
  • Print size: 10×12 or Larger
  • Backing:  all prints and mats have to have an acid free backing, use another mat board without a window cut in
  • Attaching print to mat or attaching print to backing. Either way, use acid free double-sided tape. available at most art supply or photo supply shops.


Please email