North Shore Photographic Challenge

It’s that time again. As I mentioned at the last club meeting, we need photos for the upcoming North Shore Photographic Challenge. Please submit up to three(3) photos for consideration.
There is no restriction on subject matter. However images submitted to a previous North Shore Photographic Challenge are not eligible.
The size of the image can be a maximum width of 1400 pixels by a maximum height of 1050 pixels.If using Photoshop, go to Image>image size>resize. Ensure that both the constrain proportions and resample boxes are checked.
a) For a horizontal image, set pixel dimensions to a maximum width of 1400. Do not adjust the height as it will adjust automatically.
b) For a vertical or square image, set pixel dimensions to a maximum height of 1050. Do not adjust the width as it will adjust automatically.
Click OK. Do not be concerned about document size, resolution or file size.
Please make sure that you add author and title to your images. And, as mentioned at the meeting, would like the submissions by Jan.31/2016.
Submissions can be sent to:
If you have any questions, please email me. Thanks and have fun.

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