Natalie Coates

Nat 11July2014 (2)

Here is my page with a selection of my work. I also have a page on flickr that can be found under User id NatalieC5.

Portrait in the Park 1-c31.jpgPortrait in the Park 2-c53.jpgRelaxing together in the Park-c62.jpgHangzhou Pedestrian Street.jpgPink Scooter.jpgThe Bridge over the Waterfall.jpgSkies Ablaze-c28.jpgHeron landing.jpg2012051940D16914.jpgCapitolRecordsLA.jpgLefttothehorses2.jpgNatalieCoates_ColourfulMexicanDancersc.jpgNatalieCoates_JoyoftheDancec.jpgNatalieCoates_MexicanFolkDancersc.jpgPlaceVilleMarie.jpg