Dora Korzuchowska

_X2C1350.jpg21 Mpix Photography 2014-2747.jpg21 Mpix Photography 2014-4775.jpg3X2C9269.jpgBlack Candy by 21 Mpix Photography 2014-1804.jpgBlue Dragon by 21 Mpix Photography 2014-4630.jpgCinnamon Teal Duck by 21 Mpix Photography -8369.jpgCone Flower-Echinacea  by 21 Mpix Photography-2060.jpgLavender and Bumble Bee by 21 Mpix Photography-2079.jpgSalvia by 21 Mpix Photography-7571.jpgSandhill Cranes by 21 Mpix Photography -8681.jpgSwallow by 21 Mpix Photography -8481.jpgThe Wing-Honey Bee by 21 Mpix Photography 2014-1747.jpgFlowersintheMorningLight4864.jpgIMG_0590.jpgIMG_1071.jpgIMG_1795.jpgIMG_1802.jpgIMG_1824.jpgIMG_5784.jpgIMG_9894.jpgJuliaPinkBikinionCrescentBeach1676.jpguntitled18171.jpg


profileIt is nearly cliche to say photography is about capturing a moment in time. What lies beyond this motivation is a range of perspectives on culture and the interaction between people and the world they share with a variety of other species. The digital age focuses around facilitating our lives but what I am interested in is highlighting nature and wildlife more clearly than it could be say, two decades ago, with the technology available now.

You can bring nature into a metropolis through art; shifting a person’s attention from their phone and allowing them the privilege of appreciating what is out there for even a moment is what brings me pride. As said, take a moment to stop and smell the roses!
Japanese Anemone
Starting out with jewelry-making in my native country of Poland, I sought greater opportunities beyond factory work and the oppressive politics of the state I was in. I spent time in Spain with my husband, a professional photographer at the time, who inspired me to pursue my dream and made it possible to become a nature photographer. Eventually we found ourselves in Canada and in 2008 I shifted from film to digital. In 2012 I joined the Surrey Photography Club. The same year I also created 21 Mpix Photography, my business who’s name derives from the two 21 megapixels Canon cameras I owned at the time.
Bee with pollen by 21 Mpix Photography-3559
*Member of Canadian Association for Photographic Art
*Awards:     Featured in: Shutterbug Magazine, Nature Photography and News,
Vancouver Sun and The Province food section.
Pixoto: Once awarded top 10% of the day, once top 20% of the month, twice top 20% of the year in the Nature Up Close category       and once top 20% of the year in the Food And Drink category.

Contact information:
Dora Korzuchowska
604 916-3514