Lions Gate Camera Club Celebration of Nature Photography

Competition Rules

This is a themed competition.
The theme is: Nature Photography
This consists of three categories as follows:
Birds:         Category 01 (where the dominant subjects are avian)
Mammals: Category 02 (where the dominant subject is are mammals)
General:     Category 03 (any other nature image that is not in category 01 or02)

Nature photography refers to the wide range of images devoted to photographic observations from all branches of natural history in an honest and true representation. Evidence of the “hand of man” must not be present in any part of the image. Photographs of cultivated plants, domestic animals, and taxidermy specimens are not allowed. The presence of scientific bands or collars is acceptable, but should be minimal.

The photographer may make any manipulation, enhancement, modification, cropping, or removal of distracting elements, that can be done in-camera, or in the “digital darkroom”, to improve the presentation of the image. However this should not significantly alter the
original scene, introduce another object/subject, or introduce an un-natural effect.
The combining of multiple images is allowed for the purpose of increasing the Dynamic Range (HDR), or for “stitching” adjacent images, such as in the case of panoramas.

Images that have previously “placed” in multi-club competitions in BC and the Yukon territories, or images that have been entered in previous Celebration of Nature Photography competitions are not acceptable. No borders, frames, or signatures are allowed.

In the unlikely event that there is a perceived contravention of the competition rules LGCC reserves the right to view the original image for compliance.

Digital image files from scanned slides, scanned colour negatives, scanned black and white negatives or directly from digital cameras will be accepted. All images should be consistent in working space (colour gamut), pixel size, file name, and format.

Only one image per photographer is allowed and a photographer may enter with only one club. Participating club members must also be permanent residents of either BC or the Yukon Territories.

Please follow these guidelines so that your digital images conform to a standard. These instructions are consistent with Adobe Photoshop routines, but most other common graphics programs will use similar terminology.

Only digital files will be accepted for submission. The maximum image size
is 1050 pixels in height and 1400 pixels in width, regardless of orientation, in JPEG file format.

For your digital image, set the size of your edited image as the last step. If using Photoshop or Elements, go to Image>image size>resize. Ensure that both the constrain proportions and resample boxes are checked.
a) For a horizontal image, set pixels dimensions to a maximum width of 1400.
Do not adjust the height as it will adjust automatically.
b) For a vertical or square image, set pixel dimensions to a maximum height of 1050.
Do not adjust the width as it will adjust automatically.
Click OK. (Do not be concerned about document size, resolution, or file size. Leave this information as is.)
Now you can sharpen your image for suitable digital projection.
Do not over sharpen.
Be sure your monitor is calibrated. We will not make colour corrections or other adjustments to the submitted digital files.