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Submission deadline: Celebration of Nature

October 19 @ 8:00 pm - 8:05 pm

Deadline is October 19th.

Email your best image to competitions.surreyphotography@gmail.com

Competition Information

Nature photography refers to the wide range of images devoted to photographic observations from all branches of
natural history in an honest and true representation.
Please note that there are some major changes from previous competitions.
There are four categories in this competition:
 01 – Botanical – subjects such as wild flowers, plants, trees, fungi and algae. Germinated and grown without
human assistance.
 02 – Nature – subjects such as animals, birds, insects, reptiles and marine subjects – under the control and feeding
of humans if not obvious – such as zoos, game farms, animal preserves, aquarium, etc…
 03 – Landscape – subjects such as weather phenomena, geological formations, landscapes, seascapes and natural
phenomena, planets, stars and astronomical events – no hand of man.
 04 – Wildlife – ONLY living and untamed mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and marine subjects – no hand of

Note: Hand-of-man – means; devoid of all human elements and impacts of human activities – The following are examples
1. Human – body or portions there of.
2. Sky – cables, telephone/power lines, jet streams, aircraft, light pollution, artificial light, etc…
3. Land – man-made structures or paths, concrete, man-made stone, telephone poles, fences, posts, domesticated or
cultivated plants/food, cut grass, organized or systematic laying out of planted trees, etc…
4. Elements – cut trees or branches or stems, tree stumps, man-made food, objects or background, etc…
5. Sea – boats, ships, piers, docks, posts in the water, etc…
To assist you in determining if your image qualifies for this competition, you MUST review and comply with the details
contained in the CAPA Nature/Wildlife Competition Checklist. The Checklist provides clarification for each theme and
what type of editing is and is not acceptable
1. Restricted Editing – No techniques that add, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements except by cropping
are permitted. Techniques that enhance the presentation of the photograph without changing the nature story or
the pictorial content, or without altering the content of the original scene, are permitted including HDR, focus
stacking and dodging/burning. Techniques that remove elements added by the camera, such as dust spots, digital
noise, and film scratches, are allowed. Stitched images are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear
natural. Color images can be converted to grey-scale monochrome. Infrared images, either direct-captures or
derivations, are not allowed.
2. Important Note – For this competition, the entrant must preserve the submitted image’s original un-retouched
JPEG or RAW file.
For the potential winners of the competition, the CAPA Director of Competitions will request the submission of
the original file to confirm the authenticity of the submitted image and compliance with the Restricted Editing

Image Specifications
Submitted JPG image must comply with the following:
1. Dimensions: Maximum horizontal size: 1400 pixels and Maximum vertical size: 1050 pixels
Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size and neither dimension may exceed the
maximum pixels for that dimension
2. Colour Space: Should be sRGB
3. Colour Accuracy: Strongly recommend that you calibrate your monitor to ensure colour accuracy from your
monitor to the image projected to the judges
4. Maximum filesize: 1.8 MB
Images that do not indicate the specific category we will be assigned a category based on the dominant subject.
If, in the unlikely event that there is a perceived contravention of the competition rules LGCC reserves the right to
view the original image for compliance.
The combining of multiple images is only allowed for the following purposes; for increasing the Dynamic Range
(HDR) and should look natural, Focus Stacking to increase depth of field, or for “stitching” adjacent images, as in the
case of panoramas. In-camera multiple exposures are not allowed, unless it was in an “automated” HDR mode.
Images that have previously placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in multi-club competitions in BC and the Yukon territories, or
images that have been entered in previous Celebration of Nature Photography competitions are not acceptable. No
borders, frames, or signatures are allowed.


October 19
8:00 pm - 8:05 pm
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