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Image Discussion with Theme: Establishing Scale in Your Photo

November 13, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

IMAGE DISCUSSION with the THEME: Establishing Scale in Your Photo

Once a month, we hold an Image Discussion evening where members from ALL photography levels from Beginner to Advanced submit photos for discussion. Check under RESOURCES for upcoming Monthly Themes.

This month the theme is to challenge you to think about creating a sense of scale in your photo.

    • It’s all about size.  A shot of a hundred foot waterfall by itself might be attractive, but probably won’t let the viewer know how impressive it is, until you include a person at the base of the falls.  We need something within the frame for us to give it scale.  Perspective, the lens you choose, the angle from which you shoot, and composition all play a part in determining the scale of your subject.  If you photograph a distant, solitary person walking on a beach surrounded by nothing but vast areas of sky, water and sand, you’re not only going to demonstrate scale, but also express a feeling of loneliness or solitude.  Photograph a 100 kg pumpkin on a concrete surface with a blurred background and you’ll have no idea how big it is.  Photograph that same pumpkin on a flatbed trailer with a child sitting beside it and it’s going to be impressive.  You can also use scale to fool the eye.  Photograph a grape and a watermelon on a table but move the grape forward and the watermelon back until their the same size (with enough depth of field to bring them both into focus) and you’re either going to have a very large grape or a very small watermelon.  Submit one or more of your photos that demonstrate how you’ve established a sense of scale in you shot.

You can also submit any photo in the Open Theme. Discussion offers different interpretations, suggestions for improvement or enhancement as well as what judges look for in competitions.

Halfway through the meeting, we break for coffee and treats.

Please bring your photos on a memory stick so that Radek can upload them onto the club computer before the meeting starts.

Hope to see you there!


November 13, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Randall Epp


St. Helen’s Church Hall
10787 128 Street
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