Altered Format for Scavenger Hunt Images

Hello Folks,

August 8th will be the results night for our Tynehead Park Scavenger Hunt images after a short presentation from Ken North on the work that the “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” association does. For anyone who was not present last year for the altered format (or just has limited recall) here is the outline of how the evening will work:

  • Submit your images to Radyk on a USB as usual.
  • To help speed up the viewing and judging process, name your images with the number of the clue first followed by your chosen image title (it does not have to be the clue name – be creative).
  1. People walk on me, wheels roll under me
  2. Around this place we’ll gather for vittles and drink, relax and chat or play a game if you think
  3. Speeders
  4. High or low, it covers a lot of ground
  5. Go out on a limb
  6. When it is dark enough you can see me light up
  7. Pretty colour and smelling sweet, look down and find one near your feet
  8. I can keep you in or keep you out, if my gate is closed you may be locked out
  • Finish up with your name. (You want credit, right?)
  • You DO NOT need to submit an image for each clue. (A missing image will affect your final score however.)
  • Each image will be judged by a panel of our CAPA trained members. (We will not be doing our normal critique for these images.)
  • The scores will be totaled and the member with the highest score will receive the bragging rights.

Following the judging we will have our typical theme image discussion on Forced Perspective.

Happy Snapping

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